Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group Program

In 1990, the Washington State Legislature created the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group Program to involve local communities, citizen volunteers, and landowners in the state’s salmon recovery efforts.

The 14 Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEGs) share the unique role of working within their own communities across the state to recover salmon. The RFEGs have a common goal of restoring salmonid populations and habitat to their regions, relying on support in local communities. The RFEGs create dynamic partnerships with local, state and federal agencies; Native American tribes; local businesses; community members; and landowners. Through these collaborative efforts, RFEGs help lead their communities in successful restoration, education and monitoring projects.

Each RFEG works within a specific geographic region based on watershed boundaries. Every group is a separate, nonprofit organization led by their own board of directors and supported by their members.

Partial funding for the RFEG program comes from a portion of commercial and recreational fishing license fees, administered by the WDFW. The RFEGs also obtain many individual grants from government and private entities. Individual donations and in-kind contributions from local community members and businesses are also essential to the success of each RFEG.

Volunteers with the RFEG program can learn about salmon habitat, plant trees, count returning salmon, perform habitat assessments, conduct water quality monitoring, teach others about salmon habitat, and much more. If you would like to learn more about how you can help salmon through the RFEG program please contact the RFEG in your community:


Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups in Washington State:

  1. Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association
  2. Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group
  3. Sound Salmon Solutions
  4. Mid-Sound Salmon Enhancement Group
  5. South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group
  6. Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
  7. North Olympic Salmon Coalition
  8. Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition
  9. Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force
  10. Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group
  11. Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group
  12. Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group
  13. Tri-State Steelheaders Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group
  14. Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

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