Martha Creek dam removal

Wind River Restoration and Martha Creek Dam Removal
In the Wind River watershed, Mid-Columbia Fisheries sponsored a grant from Ecotrust to assist the Forest Service in decommissioning approximately 2.9 miles of road during late summer. The work eliminated more than 30 culverts including four major fish passage barriers. During the summer, the grant supported the removal of a small dam (7 ft. high by 40 ft. wide) on Martha Creek, a tributary to Trout Creek. Martha Creek is heavily used by steelhead for spawning and rearing. Removal of the obsolete dam has improved fish passage and hydrologic conditions in this reach. The projects were managed by the USDA Forest Service.

Picture 1: Martha Dam
Picture 2: Martha Dam before prior to project work
Picture 3: Martha Creek immediately after project completion.
Picture 4: The first high flow event following the removal of Martha Dam. Note that the sediment wedge has been eroded away.
**Pictures 2, 3 & 4 are from the same perspective.