Floodplain Reconnection, Side Channels, & Instream Restoration

Mid-Columbia Fisheries is implementing priority projects to restore floodplain function, in-channel habitat, and side channels. These projects are called for in salmon recovery planning documents for our region. Flood waters can carry nutrient-rich sediments which contribute to a fertile environment for vegetation, are beneficial for wildlife by creating a variety of habitats for fish and other animals, increase water storage and recharge groundwater. Floodplains also mitigate seasonal high water flows by dispersing water over a large area.

Above photo: volunteers plant the Reecer Creek floodplain with native trees and shrubs.

Check out our Reecer Creek Floodplain Restoration
and Jack Creek Restoration projects.

Did you know beavers also enhance floodplains? Take a look at the role beavers have in salmon recovery.