Helicopter Large Wood Replenishment

A channelized section of Little Rattlesnake Creek- Photo credit: Connor Parrish

During the summer of 2018, Mid-Columbia Fisheries, under grants from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, is partnering with Yakama Nation Fisheries on two large wood replenishment projects in the Yakima Basin. The purpose of these projects is to improve fish habitat, reduce channel incision and to reactivate the historic floodplain. Both projects are located in remote locations which will require the use of a helicopter to place large woody debris.

In North Fork Manastash Creek (Kittitas County), approximately 2,500 logs will be placed along ~8 miles of stream. Large woody debris will be locally sourced from a nearby thinning project on Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife land. Little Rattlesnake Creek (Yakima County), will receive up to 1,000 pieces of large woody debris that will be dispersed throughout the lower 5 miles of stream. Wood for this project will come from a thinning project on land recently purchased by The Nature Conservancy.

Project Partners:

Yakama Nation Fisheries, the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, The Department of Natural Resources, The Nature Conservancy, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.