Horse Heaven River Ranch

Horse Heaven River Ranch, also know as Heavenly Hills Harvest Permaculture Farm, is a 100-acre organic farm located in Sunnyside (visit their website here). Horse Heaven River Ranch owns land along 0.4 miles of mainsteam Yakima River, a great opportunity for restoration. Mid-Columbia Fisheries worked with Horse Heaven River Ranch to plant 2,450 native trees and shrubs on 10 acres of Yakima River riparian area and floodplain in the fall of 2013.

Mid-Columbia Fisheries is also partnered with the Yakima Basin Environmental Education Program (YBEEP) to give Sunnyside & Granger students the opportunity to learn about restoration. Sunnyside & Granger 5th and 6th grade students visited Horse Heaven River Ranch to learn about water quality in the Yakima River, release the salmon they’ve been raising in their classrooms, learn about pre-project vegetation monitoring and help pot bareroot black cottonwood, woods rose, golden currant and red-osier dogwood. The potted plants were irrigated through the summer 2013 and later planted in the floodplain in fall 2013.

Above: Snapshot of Valley Farmer magazine’s article. The link to view the article is listed below.

KNDU also aired a segment on the project. It can be found here.

Daily Sun News did a great article on the project. It can be found here.

Valley Farmer magazine, a supplement to the Daily Sun News, also featured the project in their Harvest Edition in October 2013.

March25 (3)_web

Yakima Basin Environmental Education Program (YBEEP) Director Tiffany Bishop teaches a water quality lesson.

March25 (5)_web

Students learn about turbidity and how to measure turbidity with turbidity tubes.

March25 (4)_web

Students potted bareroot plants that were later planted in the floodplain.

March25 (10)_web

Students went on a nature walk and learned about native plants in the area.