SHARE the White Salmon River

The White Salmon RiverFest and Symposium was held on June 27 & 28! The event was co-sponsored by SHARE and celebrates the White Salmon River, the communities, and the natural and cultural history that surrounds this watershed.  Information here!

SHARE is a committee of residents, recreationists, agencies, and others working together on important issues on the White Salmon River. SHARE is currently focusing on an educational campaign with four focus areas.

  • Wood is Good! Logs and large wood provide cover and improve fish habitat. Wood should be kept in place wherever possible. (Regulatory agencies will authorize the repositioning of dangerous logs through the permit process.)
  • Clean, drain, and dry boats and gear to reduce the threat of invasive aquatic species.
  • Don’t tread on me! Avoid salmon redds and spawning salmon.
  • Leave no trace, respect other river users and riverside residents.

More than 40,000 boaters float the White Salmon River each summer. Click here for essential information for fish friendly boating!

WS fish & boaters photo credit to

Boaters float downstream as fish migrate upstream on the White Salmon River. Photo:

The river is a shared resource. What does the SHARE stand for?

SHARE table

SHARE Committee members include:

  • Yakama Nation Fisheries
  • Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group
  • US Forest Service — Wild & Scenic River
  • Friends of the White Salmon River
  • Underwood Conservation District
  • Wet Planet Whitewater
  • All Adventures Rafting
  • American Whitewater
  • Cabin-Owners of Northwestern Lake Association (CONLA)
  • Washington State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Klickitat River Guides